Hélianthus Charity

Hélianthus is a not for profit animal charity whose aim is to help stray, abandoned and distressed animals, and to assist elderly people on low income look after their little companions.

The association was founded in 2008 and its Charity Shop opened in Pré en Pail in December 2010.

Rehoming abandoned cats and helping with the spaying of feral colonies, assisting abused dogs find a better life or hand-rearing orphaned hedgehogs are only a few examples of what we do. We are also developing a network of foster homes to care for an elderly person’s pet in case of short-term hospitalisation.
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Hélianthus Charity
48 rue du Champ de Foire
53140 Pré en Pail
07 84 94 95 02

French Registered Charity W533000039

Please Help

All this is achieved thanks to donations of bric a brac, furniture, appliances,books etc. sold in our Charity Shop (our main force of fund-raising)